Sunday, 18 January 2009

Craig Bellamy Open Talks with City!

Well Sky tonight have stated West Ham have allowed on 'strike' forward man Bellamy is allowed to open talks and have a medical with Manchester city. The fee is rumoured to be around 13/14 million. Bellamy was omitted from West Hams squad as the beat Fulham 3-1 earlier today.

I am really not a fan of Bellamy. An ageing striker, who has a poor injury record, rarely gets into double figures scoring wise and is an extremely difficult, arrogant man who has fallen out with teammates and staff at pretty much every club he has been at. A premier league journey man, i don't see the wisdom in buying him. We have plenty of support strikers. Robinho being a pretty good one, not to forget Bojinov and the likes of Sturridge. If we need a striker, it's a goal scorer we should be after, not a slight improvement on Vassell.

A poor mans Robbie Keane, except just as expensive.


Anonymous said...

I will be absolutely gutted if we get Bellamy. Even if we went in for him 3 or 4 years back when we weren't absolutely wongered, I'd still be unimpressed. For me he's a typical MH player, but personally I don't think MH is the right man to take the club forward, if we trying to take City in the way the owners want it to.

gerald said...

i can confirm that i will sign for city tmoz im a 76 year old pensioner who retired early due to a bad back but now that i have my prostetic leg fitted i am on the come back trail mr hughes was going to sign bellamy but he and every1 else in the entire world thought id be a better option