Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Manchester City Vs Newcastle United: Preview.

After a good break in Tenerife the side return to Manchester refreshed and strengthened. New additions in Bellamy and De jong along with the return of Robinho from Brazil should lead to a pretty exciting squad setting up tomorrow night. I hope De Jong does start, he hasn't played for a while having been injured before the winter break in Germany, so his match fitness is probably not there. But as he likes to remind us he's a 'training animal,' so i expect him to be starting. Bellamy will be facing one of his many former clubs and will want to go and prove himself to the toon and of course our fans.

Pab Zab played in the defensive midfield last match and i can see him continuing tomorrow in that role. With Dunne suspended for four games, it will give Nedum and Kompany a chance at centre back. i am hoping Nedum will get a good run at the back he is full of ability, only too often his body fails him, we don't want another Ledley King.

Robinho should start will Bellamy and SWP, i am unsure who Hughes will pick out of Ireland or Elano. I personally would pick Elano who was brilliant vs Wigan and simply outwitted and out classed the Wigan side in every way. To drop him after a performance like that would not be productive.

The Wigan match was the best display of a team performance we have had all season. I hope we can build on this and punish Newcastle. I don't know if Joey Barton is fit and set to play, but if he is, make sure we give him the 'welcome' he deserves. Perhaps give an unofficial welcome to our new goalie who will surely sign after the match?

Confident of another home win!

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