Wednesday, 14 January 2009

From the Ridiculous to the Sublime!

It has suddenly started to liven up this transfer window. With only 1 singing so far, city fans all around have been questioning why we haven't been able to build on the side quickly. I am still worried that we haven't been linked with any other defensive players since Scott Parker. This is a major concern this window, building and reinforcing the shambles that has been our defence.

Last nights news on SSN about city opening talks with Kaka spread across most city forums like wildfire. What are we meant to think? One minute we are making extravagant bids for premier league journey men such as Bellamy and Parker, next were offering unthinkable sums for one of the greatest players in the world! What kind of team are we actually building. I'm not convinced that it all adds up. The signing of Kaka could simply change everything, we would look a much greater prospect for 'bigger' players with Robson and Ric on board.

Without much clarification on the transfer, apart from general speculation from journos, are we too expect Kaka in this window or at the end of the season? If any deal is made, it is not likely to come quickly, complicated legal process need to be addressed. Kaka is a world star and has several contracts with top brands associated with his current club, they would need to be tweaked and adjusted to allow him to move.

The likelihood of Kaka turning out for the Wigan game isn't very high, but are we going to be bringing anyone else in before then? We currently have 6 1st team injuries with SWP, Hamann out and Ireland suspended, the midfield is too lightweight to cope with wigan, fingers crossed something can come through tomorrow to add some steel.

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