Thursday, 8 January 2009

Hughes Failing to Build on Bridge!

Well today's big news is our extortionate bid for Santa Cruz has been turned down by Blackburn. In my eyes this is a blessing, there is a difference in paying over the odds and just getting ripped off.

Hughes has also admitted city have failed with a joint bid of the average Scott Parker and the disruptive Craig Bellamy.
We made a double bid which was rejected and we haven't got back to the table on that one."
Zola doesn't want to sell his 'best' players! Also Hughes doesn't think we have made a bid for Given and didn't elaborate on whether we would be doing so in the near future! So 8 days in, we have still only signed one player, which was before the Forest debacle. I think we will have to be more patient than 1st anticipated.

There is some worry about the Pompey game as they have a tinpot ground, and have had to bring in giant blowers to heat up their frozen pitch, hopefully with rising temperatures the pitch will be ready for sat.


Mr Bluesky said...

Radical changes are needed, MH cannot handle them or attract them... We seriously need to consider Jose Morihno sooner rather than later.

tommytheblue said...

think it may be the otherway round...we need moruinho to consider us.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't be such a bad thing if the Pompey pitch was frozen. We need at least one new defensive midfielder quickly

tommytheblue said...

haha, i did have those thoughts, give us an extra week to buy players.#

I am just anxious to see us get a much needed result against a side we certianly should be beating

Anonymous said...

Cooke and Co have had 4 months to work out who is needed via a Hughe's wish list.
My guess is that we having stated we will not use Agents we are struggling badly.
Cooke and Co have no football background and therefore no football contacts.
All negogiations must be conducted v$a the Middle East for final approval.
The decision chain is laughable and unworkable within a short window so all remains quite on the western front and will probably remain so.

tommytheblue said...

quite right, transfer are approved via abu dhabi and then completed by cook and aldridge(the piggy faced fella who cocked up at westham over the tevez affair)

hughes didnt know if we had bid for given...

i personally wouldnt be sorry to see the back of them all at the end of the season

david dein in, top targets.